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Keller ISD Response to Connecticut Shooting

Keller ISD joins the rest of the nation, mourning the senseless loss of lives in the tragic school shooting that took place in Connecticut on Friday.

As we keep the victims’ families in our thoughts and prayers, we will be vigilant in our efforts to maintain a safe and secure educational environment. It is during times like these that we are reminded of the value of our safety and security procedures throughout the district, and appreciate the continued cooperation and support of everyone.

We realize students will have questions about these acts of violence, and trying to answer “how” and “why” something like this happens can present a difficult task. However, Keller ISD’s Counseling Department has provided the following recommendations for talking with your students:

  • Discuss the facts of the situation.  Answer their questions.
  • Your kids may want to talk about how they feel.  Make sure to validate their feelings.
  • Allow them to grieve in their own way.
  • If you have an elementary student please understand that they might be hearing about the event repeatedly.  You do not want the children thinking it is happening over and over again.  You can then help them put it in perspective.
  • Let them know they are safe. 

Information from Cook Children's regarding how parents can handle talking to their children about tragedies