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Keller ISD Implementing the Digital Learning Platform

Keller ISD is striving towards a learning environment in which a student is not confined to a classroom, a set schedule, or particular method in order to learn.

The Digital Learning Platform (DLP) is an educational framework that provides students access to the learning tools they need anytime, anywhere. It’s an instructional environment where teachers have every technological resource needed at their fingertips, in one place, in multiple formats, allowing them to teach the curriculum more efficiently and effectively. The DLP is being piloted at various campuses representing all grade levels for the 2012-13 school year.

It is a goal of the district to transform the teaching and learning process to create customized and specialized learning pathways. The DLP allows KISD to do that through the utilization of 21st century technologies and methodologies.

View the video below (or click here to open it in K-Tube) to learn more about how Keller ISD is using the Digital Learning Platform.