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KISD Proactive in Keeping Students, Employees Safe

Safety of students and employees is the top priority of the Keller Independent School District, and the Department of Safety and Security works daily to maintain a proactive approach to protecting the district’s campuses and facilities.

For crisis management, Keller ISD utilizes an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). As part of this EOP, the district’s Safety and Security Director personally conducts intruder and lockdown drills on each of our 39 campuses twice a year. One drill is announced, while the other is not. Following every drill, the Director of Safety and Security debriefs the Principal and campus Crisis Team.

The district regularly works with other agencies, including local police and fire departments, regarding best practices for all types of crisis situations. Most recently, the district’s Safety and Security Department and city emergency personnel collaborated on a drill for a mock contamination spill.

Keller ISD has recently begun updating security camera technologies at its facilities, installing the most advanced equipment it can buy for a system that operates as the eyes and ears of the Safety and Security Department.

When specific events (celebrations, performances, competitions, etc.) draw several parents and other visitors to our schools, Keller ISD administration asks that campuses review our check-in and check-out procedures to ensure they are organized and that staff members clearly understand those processes.

Schools also utilize campus Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) or similar parent groups. The Safety and Security Department works closely with the administration from any campus that has a need for additional support at any time.


KISD has the following safety procedures in place at all campuses:

Complying with these school safety procedures helps all of us protect our students and staff.

  • KISD officials consult regularly with local law enforcement and first responders about school safety.
  • Keller ISD and all campuses have Emergency Operations Plans that are evaluated annually and updated as needed.
  • Keller ISD conducts annual safety training for staff. Each school also has a Crisis Team to address safety issues on their campus as they arise.
  • Keller ISD schools conduct weather, fire and lock down drills regularly.  
  • There are four Officers assigned to the High schools along with 14 Security Specialists assigned throughout the district that provide a security presence and protection for our schools. 
  • All visitors must use the school’s front entrances when visiting campuses throughout the day. Exterior doors remain closed and locked during normal school hours.
  • Keller ISD uses the latest advances in technology providing additional layers of surveillance cameras and door access systems that help identify outsiders who may be trying to gain access into the facility and also serve as a deterrent to behavioral problems on District property.
  • All visitors must go through the Raptor visitor screening/sign-in process that checks the visitor’s information against national sex offender databases.
  • Keller ISD uses several communication tools to inform parents and staff about emergencies. Depending on the situation, KISD will use the School Messenger emergency notification calling system or e-mails to share important messages.

Keller ISD’s Counseling Department has provided the following recommendations for talking with your students:

  • Discuss the facts of the situation.  Answer their questions.
  • Your kids may want to talk about how they feel.  Make sure to validate their feelings.
  • Allow them to grieve in their own way.
  • If you have an elementary student please understand that they might be hearing about the event repeatedly.  You do not want the children thinking it is happening over and over again.  You can then help them put it in perspective.
  • Let them know they are safe. 

The following additional resources are provided for your review:


Information from Cook Children's regarding how parents can handle talking to their children about tragedies


*Credit to our friends at Northwest ISD regarding the idea to publish the Safety Procedures list.