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FWPD Released Sketch of Suspect in Recent Attempted Abductions

Fort Worth Police released a sketch of a suspect in the recent attempted abductions of Keller ISD students.

Below is the sketch released by FWPD on Wednesday, May 28:


Report from Thursday, May 22:
The Fort Worth Police Department responded to a third possible abduction attempt around 6:30 p.m. on May 22, just three miles from the one near Woodland Springs Elementary School.

A 12-year-old boy was playing in a park near Shiver Road and Ray White Road when a white male in a tan pick up truck, possibly a newer model Toyota Tundra, yelled at him to get in the truck. The boy refused and was able to run away.

Additional patrol units searched the area. No suspect or vehicle was found.

The Fort Worth PD does not believe this incident is related to the previous two that have happened in the last two weeks.

Report from Wednesday, May 21:
The Fort Worth Police Department has issued an alert for parents to be on alert following a report of a possible abduction attempt near Woodland Springs Elementary School, the second such report in the northwest portion of Keller ISD in less than two weeks.

Fort Worth PD reported that a Woodland Springs Elementary student was confronted around 4 p.m. Wednesday, May 21, by a white male, possibly in his 30's, with short brown hair and a medium build. The student also identified a tattoo on the suspect's right bicep that appeared to have small crosses inside circles that wrapped the bicep.

The student said the suspect was parked along the curb near Woodland Springs Drive on Netleaf Lane in a red, single cab Ford pickup. The suspect was seated in the driver's seat with the passenger door open for the victim. The student stated that the suspect told the student, "You need to come with me so I can take you to your mother who is in the hospital." The student was able to run away to safety.

The physical description of the suspect matches the description shared with the Fort Worth PD last week. On May 13, a Caprock Elementary School student was approached by a stranger walking home from school at Hollow Valley and Timberland Boulevard. While the physical description was essentially the same, that incident featured a suspect in a dark blue or black Nissan Titan pickup.

Fort Worth PD has assigned its Major Crimes Office to last week's incident and has been made the unit aware of this most recent incident.

Keller ISD will continue to share any updates the District receives from its law enforcement partners.

Click here to read the parent letter from Keller ISD.

Update: The City of Keller has reported that the Keller Police Department will increase patrols around campuses within the city following these reports of possible abduction attempts.