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Benefits of Athletics/Fine Arts Participation

Extra-curricular activities including athletics and fine arts are often easy targets when it comes time to cut the budget. Here are some facts and figures about Keller ISD's Athletics and Fine Arts programs.

  • Keller ISD has 10,552 students who participate in one or more extra-curricular activity. That includes
    • 86% of Middle School girls
    • 88% of Middle School boys
    • 77% of High School girls
    • 71% of High School boys
  • Comparison of the percentage of students who met TAKS standards for 2009:

      Not Enrolled in Athletics/Fine Arts Athletics/Fine Arts
    English Language Arts 80.76%


    Math 67.35% 87.94%
    Science 69.94% 85.76%
    Social Studies 78.61% 94.23%
    Writing 91.16% 97.65%

  • The percentage of students passing all classes in grades 7-12 is 19% higher among student involved in one or more extra-curricular activity.
    • 26% higher for 9th graders
  • KISD students involved in extra-curricular activities average 2.3 fewer absences per year.
  • Iowa State study of the benefits of extra-curricular activity involvement found:
    • Participation in extra-curricular activities points to improved academic performance;
    • Activities such as athletics and fine arts teach students how to discipline themselves;
    • Through extra-curricular activities students learn life skills;
    • Extra-curricular activities teach analytical skills and creative problem solving;
    • Extra-curricular activities benefit at-risk students;
    • Participation in extra-curricular activities leads to reduced instances of discipline problems and substance abuse.

Fine Arts Successes:

  • UIL One-Act Play Competition
    • Keller High State Champions
    • Central High State Finalist
    • Timber Creek High Regional Finalist
    • Fossil Ridge High District Alternate (3rd Place)
  • Betty Lyn Buckley Musical Theater Awards
    • 5 awards won
    • 14 nominations
  • Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE)
    • 3 VASE Gold Seal Awards (one each at KHS, FRHS, CHS)
    • 48 students with 53 pieces State Participants
  • District 12 Congressional Art Contest Winner
    • 3rd year in a row
  • UIL Marching Band
    • All four high schools received straight 1s from all three judges (in a non-advancing year for 3A and 5A schools)
  • 36 MS and HS bands and choirs participated at the UIL Concert and Sight Reading Region Contest
    • 24 received sweepstakes awards
    • 20 received superior ratings from all six judges
  • 118 students Texas State Solo & Ensemble
  • 11 Texas All-State Musicians
  • UIL Academics Champions
    • Keller HS District Champions
    • Timber Creek HS 2nd Place
  • 7 students (5 CHS, 2 KHS) Texas Forensics Association State Contest for Speech & Debate

Athletics Successes

  • Over 70 All-State Athletes (Academic and Athletic)
  • Booster Club financial support over $100,000
  • Substance abuse education program in place for all parents, coaches and students
  • Over 6,000 students attend Water Proof Kids training at Keller ISD Natatorium
  • Athletic Training that provides thousands of hours of rehab and treatment
  • Concussion impact program in place
  • Postseason performers for 2009-10:
    CHS Boys Cross Country KHS Boys Cross Country KHS Girls Cross Country CHS Volleyball
    KHS Football CHS Fall Tennis KHS Fall Tennis KHS Boys Swimming
    KHS Girls Swimming CHS Girls Swimming FRHS Boys Wrestling FRHS Girls Wrestling
    CHS Boys Wrestling CHS Girls Wrestling KHS Girls Wrestling FRHS Girls Basketball
    KHS Boys Basketball FRHS Boys Basketball CHS Boys Basketball KHS Boys Soccer
    CHS Girls Soccer FRHS Girls Soccer KHS Girls Soccer CHS Boys Soccer
    KHS Girls Gymnastics FRHS Boys Golf CHS Girls Track KHS Girls Track
    CHS Boys Track KHS Boys Track KHS Softball CHS Softball
    FRHS Softball KHS Baseball